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Competition multi-purpose hall


Competition multi-purpose hall

The competition programme called for the possibility of a spatial combination of ballroom and multi-purpose hall. A double hall was planned for the tight site, which can be divided or united by large sliding walls and whose fixtures - ballrooms, restaurant and conference rooms or grandstands and sports rooms - are independent of the hall structure. Car parking spaces were provided in a separate building. Reinforced concrete arched trusses resting on steel supports with a span of 50 metres were planned for the construction.

Immo Boyken, „Entwurfscharakteristika im Werk von Egon Eiermann aus der Zeit nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg“ , Diss., Universität Karlsruhe, Fakultät Architektur, Teil III, S. 88

Project-specific information

Project Competition multi-purpose hall
Persons involved
  • Egon Eiermann, Architektur
Project period 1953

Object-specific information

Typology Mehrzweckhalle, multi-purpose halls

Site-specific information

Country Deutschland
City Koblenz