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Residential building IBA 1957


Residential building IBA 1957

In 1953, the Berlin Senate decided to make the reconstruction of the Hansaviertel, which had been completely destroyed in the war, the subject of an international building exhibition. German and foreign architects were invited to develop designs for residential buildings.

Egon Eiermann was awarded planning commissions for various plots by changing clients, for each of which detailed series of designs were created. "Object 13" was finally built. The eight upper storeys for the flats - 48 one-bedroom and 48 two-bedroom flats - are divided into 4 units, each with two residential storeys. On the lower floor of each unit, the one-room flats, the storage rooms and the staircases to the two-room flats on the upper floor are located along an access corridor. The corridor floors are accessed via two stairwells and lifts located in front of the end walls. Passages remain free between the recessed fixtures on the ground floor, which are reserved for public use. The building is a reinforced concrete bullhead construction with a visible construction. The closed infill panels at the rear are clad with bricks in a brick bond.

Immo Boyken, „Entwurfscharakteristika im Werk von Egon Eiermann aus der Zeit nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg“ , Diss., Universität Karlsruhe, Fakultät Architektur, Teil III, S. 121

Project-specific information

Project Residential building IBA 1957
Persons involved
  • Egon Eiermann und Robert Hilgers, Architektur
Project period 1954-1961

Object-specific information

Typology Wohngebäude, residential structures

Site-specific information

Country Deutschland
City Berlin