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Competition bank building Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse


Competition bank building Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse

The decisive factor for the design was the tenderer's requirement to be able to continue business operations in the old savings bank until the new building was completed. The plan was therefore to initially construct the cash office building at the rear of the site, with the required flats and a café on the front part of the street frontage after demolition of the old building. The concealed location of the ticket office building was to be emphasised by a pergola-like canopy extending to the street. The walls of the ticket office building are double-skinned on the ground floor and first floor, with installation shafts and ancillary rooms in the spaces between; the main staircases and lifts are located in two fixed points protruding from the building. The ticket hall extends over three storeys and is surrounded by office space. It is lit by a circumferential skylight through the lattice girders that support a further double storey. The multi-purpose room on this double storey can be used without affecting the actual savings bank operations. It is connected to the roof garden via open staircases. The buildings were to be clad inside and out with local brick.

Immo Boyken, „Entwurfscharakteristika im Werk von Egon Eiermann aus der Zeit nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg“ , Diss., Universität Karlsruhe, Fakultät Architektur, Teil III, S. 280

Project-specific information

Project Competition bank building Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse
Persons involved
  • Egon Eiermann, Architektur
Project period 1969

Object-specific information

Typology Bank (Gebäude), banks (buildings)

Site-specific information

Country Deutschland
City Erkelenz