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Competition foreign ministry building


Competition foreign ministry building

The main focus of the competition task was to find an urban planning solution for the construction of the Federal Foreign Office on a site between the Rhine and the prestigious Koblenzer Straße, which, as a residential area, was kept very spacious and low. The site slopes down towards the Rhine by around 6 metres and was characterised by a particularly beautiful stock of trees. Eiermann submitted four proposals, among which he favoured the one that developed the building parallel to the river bank and kept the building heights lower than the treetops. The design shows elongated, maximum five-storey buildings arranged at right angles around an open courtyard in which the main entrances and driveways are located. The four-storey building with the conference hall on the banks of the Rhine is two storeys lower than the five-storey building on Koblenzer Strasse due to the slope of the terrain.

Immo Boyken, „Entwurfscharakteristika im Werk von Egon Eiermann aus der Zeit nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg“ , Diss., Universität Karlsruhe, Fakultät Architektur, Teil III, S. 48

Project-specific information

Project Competition foreign ministry building
Persons involved
  • Egon Eiermann, Architektur
Project period 1951

Object-specific information

Typology Bürobauten Regierung, government office buildings

Site-specific information

Country Deutschland
City Bonn